Natural stone is a solid and durable building material. It has been used since ancient times, thousands of years ago. A long time ago, natural stone is used as the primary material for building. But now, it is famous for beautifying the interior and exterior of the building. Most natural stones are obtained from volcanic eruptions. These stones then go through several biological processes which humans can then use.

Andesite Tiles: Fine Rock and Strong Material

One popular natural stone that comes from volcanic eruptions is andesite stone. This stone’s name comes from Mount ‘Andes’ in South America. Where there are many boulders with dark colors and tight pores, it is not only in the Andes. You can also find this stone in areas with high volcanic activity, such as Indonesia. This rock formation process occurs at the ground surface when volcanic or hot lava flows and is then exposed to air until it turns into stone.

One of the characteristics of this stone is its texture which is composed of minerals with small refined crystal grains. This fine mineral is made due to the rapid rock formation from lava flowing on the earth’s surface. This stone is burned, cooled, and cut into andesite tiles to be used as a building material. Stone Depot as a quality natural stone exporter also produces the andesite stone as one of their products.

Andesite tiles for durable outdoor pavers

The minerals in andesite stone are microscopic, so they cannot be seen without a rock microscope. These materials include Silica with amounts between 52 and 63%, quartz, biotite, Basalt, Felsite, Plagioclase feldspar, pyroxene, and hornblende in a small percentage. Andesite Stone is usually used for the construction sector and building materials. Andesite stones that can be used in the construction sector must pass a series of tests. It consists of the form of tensile strength, compressive strength, shear strength, density, specific gravity, and others. This test will show the rock elasticity and other physical properties so that it can be sorted out which rocks can be used.

Not all andesite stone from mining can be used for construction, it is also cut into certain sizes, carved, sanded, and then polished to be andesite tiles. Andesite tiles by Stone Depot are generally used for aesthetic purposes, such as ornaments on walls, floors, or other decorations. In addition, andesite tiles are also used to produce various kinds of handicrafts. For example, the craft centers in Majalengka and Cirebon use andesite tiles as their raw material.

Reasons to Choose Andesite Stone for Flooring Tile

Andesite stone has several advantages for building materials, including its hard texture. The texture makes this stone durable, so it doesn’t need to be replaced in a hurry. This texture also makes the minor porosity of the stone. Andesite tiles are classified as having tiny pores, so they are not easily dirty. In addition, maintenance of this stone is relatively easy. Compared with other natural stones, andesite tiles also has many types. Each type, of course, has a unique and different motif. So, you can choose which motif you think is the best and most suitable for you. Andesite tiles can absorb heat and not reflect it. It creates a cooler atmosphere and will affect the room temperature of the building. Stone depot provides a variety of natural stone products that have been processed according to customer needs.

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