Cast terrazzo tiles are used as a flooring material and decorate the walls of your home. Venetian mosaic glass workers coined the term ‘terrazzo’ in the 15th century. This terrazzo material consists of stone flakes, such as marble, quartz, granite, glass, and a binder or polymer.

Terrazzo is a type of floor that has a pattern. In its use, terrazzo is often an alternative flooring in homes, schools, offices, and other buildings. It is because terrazzo can produce the desired style of the character of each building. Terrazzo tiles are also made from Bali Natural Stone by Stone Depot with many kinds of natural stone types such as marble and granite.

Based on its texture, terrazzo flooring consists of two types, rough and smooth terrazzo. In the manufacturing process, the difference in the surface texture of the terrazzo comes from the composite material that is molded to become a firm floor. Coarse terrazzo is made of rough marble shards, and fine terrazzo flooring uses more delicate terrazzo shards. These two types of terrazzo also have different treatments. Here are some examples of terrazzo flooring by Stone Depot:

Terrazzo Tiles Bali Natural Stone
Terrazzo tile collection by Stone Depot

1. Mosaic Terrazzo Tiles

Mosaic terrazzo tiles have been around since Roman times. This floor is trendy because it has a colorful but still elegant pattern. If you want to put Terrazzo Mosaic in the family room, you can choose a small marble pattern with a warm color tone, so it supports a comfortable impression. In addition, the selection of mosaic terrazzo can be a focal point so that you can reduce additional furniture or decorations, so the harmonization of each accent can soothe the eyes.

2. Plain terrazzo Tiles

For those who love minimalism, you can consider using plain terrazzo tiles. Plain terrazzo tile made from fine Bali Natural Stone without flashy patterns. It can give the impression of a clean and smooth room. Plain terrazzo can also be an alternative flooring option for your minimalist home. Any buildings such as hospitals, service offices, and specific business places use plain terrazzo tiles. It all depends on the purpose of the pattern chosen for each type of terrazzo to be used.

3. Terrazzo Logo Tiles

The terrazzo logo tiles are often used in agency buildings, such as schools, hospitals, government agencies, and other businesses. The tiles can display branding on their building decorations. You can also customize your logo at Stone Depot with preferred icons such as flowers and ethnic or regional symbols. The goal is to highlight the owner’s identity without presenting an excessive impression.

4. Compass Terrazzo

Compass Terrazzo is the type of terrazzo with a compass pattern, which can be used as a guide. The use of a terrazzo compass and the function of indicating direction also give a unique historical impression. This terrazzo compass is often used in museums, mosques, and stations.

That is a little bit of explanation about terrazzo tiles. Hopefully, this article can help you determine the right and best flooring for your home. Contact stone depot via the following WhatsApp number if you want to know more and order this product.

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