Nowadays, the use of natural stone as a building material has become mandatory for someone who wants to build his dream home. There are two types of natural stone as a building material: hard stone and soft stone.

 The division is distinguished from the strength and level of porosity. Hard rocks are older than smooth stones, so they have different strengths like andesite, marble, and granite. Meanwhile, soft rocks include sandstone, palimanan, and temple stones. Those types of stone also have specific classes, according to the shape and motif. Such as hard stone, which has line andesite stone, is a line patterned andesite stone. In addition to those stones, Green Stone Sukabumi are also popular as a building material. It has a green emerald color that is only found in Indonesia.

The Emerald & Gorgs : Green Stone Sukabumi                           

The Emerald & Gorgs  Green Stone Sukabumi
The Emerald & Gorgs Green Stone Sukabumi

As a country located in the ring of fire, Indonesia produces many types of natural stone. One of which is only found in Indonesia is the Green Stone Sukabumi. This stone has become a favorite material in the manufacture of swimming pools and bathrooms. The green emerald color of the stone makes the building cooler.

In addition, this stone can maintain water clarity, making it suitable to be installed as a swimming pool wall or bathroom. It is also strong and slightly absorbs water, so this stone will last a long time when used as a floor or pool wall.

Green Stone Sukabumi by Stone Depot contains zeolites, minerals that are highly effective in reducing ammonium levels in the water.

Green Stone Sukabumi, Pool Tiles Around The World

Green Stone Sukabumi, Pool Tiles Around The World
Green Stone Sukabumi, Pool Tiles Around The World

Green stone Sukabumi has been widely exported abroad, especially as a building material for luxury properties. Some countries that use this stone are Australia and Dubai for resort purposes. It is because this stone is considered to be able to maintain water temperature, especially for the subtropical area of the resort.

Some examples include the Anantara Hotel in Oman, the Six Sense Resort Zil Pasyon at Felicite Island, Seychelles, and Piccadilly House in Byron Bay, Australia. Greenstone is divided into two types, the first is natural greenstone, and the second is machined greenstone.

The difference between the machine flattens, and the natural flatten Green Stone Sukabumi is that the machine flattens are processed or cut on all sides to be applied in swimming pools. While the natural flatten is a green stone block that is not cut, so the texture is uneven, and the size is bigger than the machine flatten.

For the natural flatten, the available sizes are 10×20 cm and 20×20 cm. While the machine flattens greenstone is available in more dimensions 10×20 cm, 15×30 cm, and 20×20 cm. Both are suitable for the use of a minimalist pool or bathroom. The machine flattens greenstone is usually used for the outer wall of the pool, whine natural flatten green stone is used for the floor and the inner wall of the pool.

We hope you’ll know more about this fascinating natural stone. You can contact us via WhatsApp at (Sinta) or email at [email protected].

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